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1. Excellent reputation, producing and sending out hundreds to thousands of fruit baskets every month, with good response from commercial and personal customers

2. There are fruit farms nearby, and there are first-class wholesalers who supply fresh fruits. Special personnel purchase fresh fruits twice a day according to orders. There are buyers from Japanese and Korean fruit markets who directly import high-quality fruits on a large scale during festivals.

3. When preparing the florist's florist's florist, he will conduct a 3-point surface inspection on each fruit. Fruits that are not fresh or have surface scratches will not be used.

4. All fruit basket styles are designed by our florist, adding fresh flowers and European and Japanese packaging elements. We have the most and most complete selection of premium leather fruit basket styles in Hong Kong.

5. All fruit baskets are made by florists, who pay more attention to the aesthetic packaging of the fruit baskets.

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Hong Kong Give Gift Boutique carefully produces and delivers hundreds to thousands of fresh fruit baskets every month. We cater to business fruit basket needs and individual customers, and have received good responses. We are one of the most professional fruit basket suppliers in Hong Kong. We purchase the freshest fruits twice a day, and the purchase is based on the quantity of the order. We never stock or use old goods, so the fruits in the fruit baskets produced by Give Gift Boutique can remain fresh. Fresh fruits are definitely the first prerequisite for making fruit baskets. Give Gift Boutique is located near several fruit supply markets and maintains good relationships with high-quality suppliers to ensure good quality.

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Flower delivery/ Same day delivery in Hong Kong, the most convenient flower shop choice- Give Gift Boutique florist works non-stop around the year and you can order flowers 24/7. Our customer services respond within 30 minutes to confirm your flower order details. Customers are welcomed to call our Hong Kong flower shop at (852) 2736 6670 from 9am to 7pm each day. We send flowers and gifts to all commercial and residential addresses in Hong Kong. For those who want to send flowers on their own, we have pickup service available from any MTR stations, and we also deliver flower and gifts to restaurants, theme parks, bars and other venues in Hong Kong. We suggest to order flowers one day in advance, but we can manage same day and urgent flower orders, please get in touch with us with you inquiries.
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